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Pruning Saws

In order to maintain the health and productivity of shrubs and trees, it is best to timely prune or trim them. Not this is good for them, but also improves their appearance. An optimal tool for this job is called pruning saw. It comes in several models, such as KP-3000, UK-2400 and UP-2700. The tool has a long, thin blade with sharp teeth. The blade size is different in all models. This tool can also be used to cut lumber at woodworking industry. The users need to select the right pruning saw based on the task at hand. 

Product Image (1253)

UK-2400 Pruning saw

Price: 15 USD ($)/Piece
  • Color:Orange
  • Length:240 (Blade) Millimeter (mm)
  • Usage:Pruning & gardening
Product Image (1275)

KP-3000 Pruning saw

Price: 16 USD ($)/Piece
  • Length:300 (blade) Millimeter (mm)
  • Color:Orange
  • Usage:Pruning fruit tree & gardening
Product Image (UP-2700)

UP-2700 Pruning Saw

  • Delivery Time:4-5 Days
  • Supply Ability:2000000 Per Year
  • Material:Metal
  • Size:customised
  • Cultivator Type:Other, Gardening Pruning Saw
  • Product Type:Garden Cultivator

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