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We are pleased to represent ourselves as an innovative manufacture in Japanese garden tool blade. In all these years, we have kept our focus solely on manufacturing the best-in-class blades for forestry, agriculture and gardening by laying importance on Made-In-Japan and All-Made-By-Sanyo. Our company has gained massive response from markets around the world for high-quality products from brush cutter blades to pruning tools.

We are growing strong relationship with our customers as a manufacturer by meeting their requirements for Grass Cutting Blade, Gardening Pruning tools and allied more products.


We give massive priority to products safety, quality and design with using top technologies. As a trusted manufacturer of cutting tools, we have maintained different machines at our facility to ensure superior quality. Also, our products get many good reputations in different countries as the topmost brush cutters manufactures that offers 100% quality and safety in products. Our company has installed following machines in the facility to serve extraordinary in quality Grass Cutting blades, etc.


We are recognized by Japanese Government for safety of our products.  In Excellent Product Safety Awards For Companies in FY 2016, which were hosted by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industrial Commercial Distribution Safety Inspector Award, our company received huge acknowledgment for maintaining premium safety measures. 

We managed to get such huge recognition based on  focus on providing customers with reliable and safe products as well as services. Also, we are devoting on creation products using quality-approved raw materials to maintain safety at all times. From now on, Sanyo will continue to We will continue our efforts to create products that our customers can use with confidence.


These are innovative systems installed at our plant:

Production Facility 

  • Duplex Head Grinders
  • Automated Feeding Robots
  • NC Lathe
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Laser Engraving System, etc.

Thermal Processing System

  • Gas Tempering Furnace
  • Continuous Quenching Furnace
  • High Frequency Induction Heating Systems
  • Electric Press Tempering Furnaces
  • Electric Vacuum Furnace With Oil Quench, etc.

Design Facilities

  • 3-D CADs
  • 2-D CADs

Inspection Facility

  • Unbalance Measuring System
  • Cutting Performance Tester
  • Brazing Strength Measuring System
  • Magnetic Defectoscope
  • Over-rotation Tester 
  • Impact Test Machine by ISO 11806

Made-In-Japan Quality

We are surpassing competitors incredibly speed by serving safe and high-quality products such as Grass Cutting Blade, Gardening Pruning Saw and more that are made in Japan. Our company is perfectly heat treating and forming Japanese steel, for bringing durable cutting tools in the market. By our internal heat treating process and technique,  we can excellently refine our many kinds of blades and other products to meet expectations of our customers. We keep strict focus on not only evaluating sharpness and durability but maintaining safety and quality with the help of integrated production in our factory.  

Export Network

We are exporting our cutting tools to 40 countries across the world, majority in America, Europe and so on. Also, we are looking for the distributor who can spread Sanyo's products with Sanyo brand.
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • Brazil 
  • Taiwan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Oman
  • Italy
  • Portugal, etc.

Our History

  • 1963: Our Japanese company came into existence.
  • 1981: Our Tomoe Plant was established within Miki Plant Park and commenced operations.
  • 1999: Attained ISO9001 Certificate.
  • 2008: We developed Torimachi Plant inside the property of head office.
  • 2014: Tomoe Plant I was developed in Miki Plant Park and started functioning.
  • 2016: The 10th Excellent Product Safety Award For Companies, Hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 
  • 2022: Torimachi Plant was developed near the head office.

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